Fat Hog Rollers

Fat Hog Rollers

  • Extra Long Pile Roller

    Heavily textured or rendered surfaces are a breeze with the Fat Hog extra long pile roller.

    Extra Long Pile Roller
  • Long Pile Roller

    When the going get’s rough, get going with the Fat Hog Evolution rough roller. With its long pile nature this product has been designed for ultimate absorption and transfer of paint for maximum coverage on rough surfaces.

    Long Pile Roller
  • Medium Pile Roller

    When the surface isn’t totally smooth, the Fat Hog Evolution semi rough roller is the tool for the job. As a medium pile roller it will give you ultimate absorption and transfer of paint for maximum coverage on semi rough to smooth surfaces.

    Medium Pile Roller
  • Short Pile Roller

    If you want a top quality finish on newly plastered walls or a smooth surface, the Fat Hog Evoultion smooth roller is just the ticket. The short pile roller encompasses perfect paint loading and release for the finest finish with no roller marks or edge tracking.

    Short Pile Roller
  • Sheepskin Roller

    The ultimate finish deserves the best – the premium quality Fat Hog Evolution Sheepskin roller offers unbeatable absorption and performance.

    Sheepskin Roller
  • Microfibre Roller

    For an ultra smooth and flawless finish, no other roller comes close to getting it covered. The Fat Hog Evolution Microfibre roller is the ultimate paint loader with the ability to store up to six times the amount of its own volume.

    Microfibre Roller
  • Foam Roller

    If it’s a flat surface you’re after then the Fat Hog foam roller gives fast, even coverage on smooth surfaces. The revolutionary Fat Hog Evolution Concave Foam mini roller goes one better, featuring unique inward concave ends making it possible to roll perfect corners leaving no roller marks.

    Foam Roller
  • Glosser Roller

    Precision work just got easier, with the Fat Hog Evolution Glosser mini roller – a unique high density design that gives a faultless finish every time.

    Glosser Roller
  • Simulated Mohair Roller

    For a silky smooth finish on smooth surfaces the Fat Hog Simulated Mohair mini roller has the performance qualities of natural mohair.

    Simulated Mohair Roller
  • General Purpose Roller

    For all round coverage on smaller surface areas why not try the Fat Hog general purpose mini roller.

    General Purpose Roller

Best Of Breed

Fat Hog gives you the best tools for every job and for any budget...

  • Fat Hog Trade Choice +

    Developed With the professional decorator in mind, Fat Hog's Trade Choice + collection gives you a different breed of decorating tool.

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  • Fat Hog Trade Choice

    Fat Hog's Trade Choice collection gives you even more choice to ensure that there is a Hog for every kind of job.

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