Hog History

Traditional paint brushes have used the bristles from Chinese hogs but the life span of these proud creatures has reduced in the face of intensive rearing techniques and increased demands. There is a burning need for a fresh and innovative product....step up Fat Hog.

Embracing and then harnessing some of the most forward-thinking technology available, Fat Hog really is a different kind of animal offering superior performance, improved durability and superb results there is little that the Hog can’t turn its trotter to. Revolutionising the way the industry views paint brushes, the Fat Hog is a product that proves evolution is the only way to ensure perfection.

Evolution of the Hog

Evolution of the Hog


The extensive Fat Hog range has been designed by the experts and utilises the latest intelligent technologies for outstanding performance qualities.


Fat Hog has already proven its fearsome power when it comes to endurance but it is set to raise the bar even further. Designed for heavy-duty professional application the new and improved Hog is going to take some wearing down.


The blockbusting improved Fat Hog has exceptional recovery power to enable a highly efficient professional finish first time, every time.